Customer experience is the top business function and the reason for digital transformation efforts.

Customer centricity is crucial to drive digital transformation of every business function and the delivery of superior Customer Experience. For example, the finance function, by most standards, is primarily a back-office function with little interaction with the customer. It only becomes a Customer Experience issue when the customer gets an incorrect invoice that is difficult to get corrected. And this can significantly affect a business's bottom line when compounded over multiple customers.

Customer Experience is not only about technology, but technology plays a key role in Customer Experience and modern enterprise applications have moved away from their monolithic stature of the past 45+ years because of the growth in digital business, globalization, and the increased pace of innovation and how modular applications become transformational for business when tasks can be added quickly to augment and extend business processes.

In this document IDC will share how the Future of Customers and Consumers fits into the IDC Future Enterprise vision, and why Customer Experience has risen to the top of the agenda of decision makers from Organizations in all industries. In particularly, the document will explore the ongoing digital transformation of Communications Service Providers and how solutions of "Hyper-personalized Billing" can be mapped with "Hyper-personalized engagement" transformation programs and aligned with the strategic priority of "Omni-experience customer engagement".

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According to IDC survey, 75% of organizations are currently adjusting their IT road maps to reduce the costs of current systems, enable execution, create operational efficiences, and support unique Employee and Customer Experiences.

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"Deconstructing Enterprise Applications to support Hyper-personalized Billing in Communications Service Providers"

- IDC White Paper